February 24, 2022

S5 E06: The Role of Reverse Mortgages in Retirement Planning

What is a reverse mortgage? Is it a good fit for your retirement plan? Learn the ins and outs of reverse mortgage products and get informed about the right conversations to have when planning for a comfortable retirement.

Join our expert Steven Ranson FCPA, FCA , President and CEO of HomeEquity Bank, for an in-depth look into how a reverse mortgage can be an option to consider when wishing to maintain a certain post-retirement lifestyle that includes being able to remain in your family home.  

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This episode is part of our podcast focusing on helping listeners build confidence for approaching and handling difficult money conversations at various stages of life.

The views expressed by our guests are theirs alone and not necessarily the views of CPA Canada. This is a recorded Podcast. The information presented is current as of the date of recording. New and changing government legislations and programs may have come into effect since the recording date. Please seek additional professional advice or information before acting on any podcast information.

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