The pandemic has caused many to re-evaluate their financial situation, such as analyzing expenses and their needs versus wants. In such unpredictability, some are even wondering what they can do now to benefit their financial situation long-term, including saving. Join Garth Sheriff, CPA, CA, and entrepreneur as he shares his story on how he and his family are tracking costs during COVID-19, while providing listeners with practical strategies for saving during this volatile time. This episode was recorded via Skype.

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Tax season comes every year, but this year looks a bit different given the pandemic circumstances. In this episode, we talk all things tax with Fabio Bonanno, CPA, CA, Principal, Taxation at CPA Canada, as he walks us through some of the government benefits available and what we need to know about tax during the COVID-19 crisis. This episode was recorded via Skype.

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Debt can be debilitating. Add COVID-19 into the mix and the problem gets bigger for many. With an East-meets-West approach, this episode uncovers the debt situation in Canada as well as provides solutions to help combat this financial crisis. Join Sandy Lyons, CPA, CA, CIRP, LIT, Senior Manager, Licensed Insolvency Trustee at Grant Thornton Limited, Frank Fabiano, CPA, CA, CIRP, LIT, Partner at Grant Thornton Limited and Robert Hunt, CIRP, LIT, Managing Partner at Grant Thornton Limited for an insightful conversation on dealing with debt during this difficult time. This episode was recorded via Skype.

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Financial wellness and mental wellness are connected. It’s no secret that COVID-19 has left many individuals struggling mentally. Mary Ann Baynton, Director of Strategy and Collaboration, Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, at Canada Life, helps us tackle these mental health hurdles by providing insight and strategies to take control in this uncertain time. This episode was recorded via Skype.

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For many the side hustle has become a way to supplement income. Discover how one man, Peter Waitzman, well known YouTube product reviewer, turned his love for starting businesses into a money-making side-gig.

For the past few decades, Gary Rabbior, President at the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education, has worked to make sure our future generations are well-equipped and have the skills to make smart financial decisions.

Starting a financial literacy program requires knowledge as well as a desire to educate and help individuals. Keeping a financial literacy program sustainable and successful is a whole other endeavor. Hear from Li Zhang, Principal of Corporate Citizenship at CPA Canada, on how CPA Canada’s award-winning financial literacy program has been a leader in financial education for the last decade.

Does Financial Literacy have a place in your existing program? Mack Rogers, Executive Director at ABC Life Literacy Canada, breaks down how they expanded their existing program to include financial education. 

Many of us do not know what goes into making sure working Canadians get paid accurately and on time. Janice MacLellan, former Vice President of Operations at The Canadian Payroll Association, explains the importance and direct impact payroll has on businesses and employees.

How do you climb out of debt? Laurie Campbell, from Credit Canada, tell us how shame continues to prevent Canadians from seeking financial assistance, often prolonging their hardship and causing people to make the wrong choices when seemingly stuck in a dire financial situation.

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