October 6, 2022

S6 E05: The Challenges and Decisions we Face as we Age

As we get older, we face different financial challenges. Our health, family situations, ability to work, and more all play a part in laying the trackwork to retirement, and each person’s path is different. If we’re to stay the course and retire the way we want to, understanding how to take on the challenges of aging while making your money work for you is crucial.

Tina Tehranchian, Senior Wealth Advisor at Assante Capital Management Ltd., joins us for a discussion on navigating new and often intimidating challenges that arise as we approach retirement age. Life is full of twists and turns, highs and lows, and plenty of questions, but making sense of it all and charting a course for the retirement you want is easier than you might think.

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This episode is part of our podcast series focusing on retirement planning for Canadians at every stage of life and building the confidence needed to take on the money conversations we need to have.

This episode is made possible by the generous support of our national development sponsor, Canada Life.

The views expressed by our guests are theirs alone and not necessarily the views of CPA Canada. This is a recorded Podcast. The information presented is current as of the date of recording. New and changing government legislations and programs may have come into effect since the recording date. Please seek additional professional advice or information before acting on any podcast information.

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